The "new" superfruit

Prunes are basically synonymous with old people and pooping, and that is a tough pill to swallow as a 30 year old!  Before the past few weeks, the only true memory I had of prunes was when my brother and I were younger and went to my Nana’s house, my Grandfather was home alone and offered to get us something to drink. What he pulled out of the fridge was a huge bottle of prune juice, an due to the horrified looks on both our faces, opted to forgo the juice and give us water instead.  Now, that I am completely obsessed with prunes, I wonder if my life would be any different if I had accepted that glass of prune juice?  Although, I can’t imagine my life being all that different 🙂

Prunes have a high fiber content (hence the pooping), which we all know, but prunes also have two times the amount of antioxidants as blueberries do.  Antioxidants are important to aid in maintaining health and preventing diseases like coronary artery disease and cancer (the studies are pretty ambivalent, but there is no downside to taking in antioxidants!!) They are also low in saturated fat and cholesterol and full of vitamin B6 and A.

I was watching ‘The Pregnancy Pact’ on Lifetime (yeah, the premiere…I was all about it) and every commercial break for “natures candy” and I remember balking at it; they could never be as good as candy.  And, whilst not even comparable to chocolate, I look forward to may daily prune because it is super delish and it is a good quick snack that fills me up (when you eat it and drink a glass of water- due to fiber content) and the individual wrapped ones are so easy to throw in my bag so I can have a portable snacky (the most amazing types of snacks!) when I’m out!

Trust me, try them?  You totally won’t regret it….and know that you are eating something yummy that is good for yourself AND your colon 🙂

Yours in good Health


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