Eat smarter red meat

Eating red meat has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes in recent years, leaving HCP’s  to tell their patients with heart disease to stay away from red meat all together .  Well, good news to meat lovers: a study from the Harvard school of Public Health just published this week showed that the risk of heart disease and diabetes is only with processed meats!!  Mostly, they found, that the risk of increased heart disease is due to the amount of salt, fat, and other chemicals used as preservatives.  A separate study, specifically on the ingestion of processed meats, showed an increased risk of pancreatic cancer by 67%.

What are some processed meats to avoid?
Bacon ( this one seriously makes me cry)
Hot dogs
basically any meat in a can…..
and beware of all meat that is previously prepared (like in fast food restaurants, etc)

Now, this doesn’t mean that you can totally gorge in Filet Mignon daily BUT, it does mean that when you get a craving for steak, go get one!  And, if you want a hamburger, go for it.  What I like to do, since my Kitchenaide mixer rules my world, is to buy organic grass fed meat, and grind my own meat to make hamburgers (after watching food, inc. I can never eat meat from a grocery store again).

I still do encourage a diet high in fruits and veg  and fish, but I also realize the need for red meat that some people have (like me), so you don’t have to feel guilty for giving in to your red meat cravings, just eat meat smarter.  By smarter, I mean try to eat organic grass fed meat (from a local farm whenever possible)and stay away from processed meats whenever possible.  Don’t feel guilty about the 4th of July hot dog, or the Fenway frank every once in a while, but please try to not make it a habit.

Yours in Good Health

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3 thoughts on “Eat smarter red meat

  1. Thank God for that, I pretty much knew everyone was wrong on the whole red meat account to some degree. The even better knews is that all those foods listed are pretty much foods I hate… except for sausage, sausage egg and cheese is awesome… like really awesome… and bacon, I'd pretty much die for bacon… and PS I heard from a bird that not only is boars meat bad for you, given the nature for your list. but that stuff is swarming with MSG (THE FLAVOR ENHANCER)

  2. Great post…I love red meat & am so tired of everyone telling me that it is SO bad for me. I don't eat fish/seafood (never acquired a taste for it) and the white meats are great but NOT everyday! I recently moved near Robert Treat Farm & there is a sign that boasts local grass fed meats there every saturday ~ I am very excited to check it out! YAY for steak & cheeseburgers…two of my favorites…oh and i do still love bacon and it is very sad that it made the list of shame!

  3. Thanks Julie and Chris! I do love red meat, and the iron that it gives us is an important part of our diets…I am totally coming over to go to the farm with you! I love going to different farms and getting meat and eggs for me and the pooches!! PS- I too am sad about the bacon thing, but every once in a while, fresh farm bacon can't be too bad for you, right? There is a pig farm near here where we can get it fresh!

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