UTI’s: How to prevent them!

All the ladies out there know the feeling of having to pee so badly, getting to the bathroom, and one drip of razor blades seems to be the only thing coming out: the dreaded UTI (urinary tract infection).  There are OTC (over the counter) tests that you can buy at your local pharmacy to ensure that what you have is, in fact, a UTI (but we all know the horrid signs). And, your HCP will most likely write you for a course of antibiotics (usually ciprofloxacin unless you have an allergy).

Some little UTI  facts:

Women are 30% more likely to get a UTI than men

It is the top three reason women go to their MD each year

60% of all women will experience at least one in their lifetime (and will vow to never get one again!)   These are the times that it is not fun to be a lady!!

A Little Anatomy:






How can we prevent them?

For those ladies (and some gentlemen) that are prone to get UTI’s, there are actually a few simple steps can help you to stave off the dreaded infection:

– Ladies always pee immediately after sex (the peeing out helps to flush out the bacteria pushed into your urethra which can grow and flourish causing the infection)
-Wipe from from front to back….both after peeing AND pooping
-Drink your eight glasses of water a day (AKA 2 liters). It, again, helps to flush out your urethra and prevent a back up of bacteria which love to congregate there
-Drink cranberry juice (or any other citrus juice.) The Vitamin C and acidity therein helps to make your pee more acidic and kill bacteria in the urethra. Bacteria cannot live where it is too acidic or too basic (the pH has to be just right.)
– Try to use contraception other than spermicidal jelly (nonoxyl-9 triples the risk of UTI’s and bacterial vaginosis in studies) or diaphragms (which can bruise the area near the bladder neck and make it more susceptible to bacterial infection)
-Women past menopause should use vaginal estrogen cream
-Young women should avoid bubble baths…they don’t “cause” UTIs per say, but certain soaps can irritate the urethra and make you more prone to get UTI’s. (i.e. Mr. Bubble is one to avoid, for certain!)

Just some easy tips that can help you prevent future UTI’s.  If you get them after every time you have sex, even if you pee directly afterwards, your HCP may write you for a prophylactic dose of antibiotic to take after each time you have sex.  Try these tips, and if you still have recurrent UTI’s, talk to your HCP and find some way to work prevention into your life; there is no reason to live in fear of UTI’s!!!

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2 thoughts on “UTI’s: How to prevent them!

  1. I have also read that taking alka seltzer at the first sign of a UTI will wipe it out. I've done this a few times now and it seems to work. Occassionally I will have to take a second dose to really knock it out, but never more than two. What do you think about that?

  2. Interesting, Sarah…I had actually never heard this home remedy before and just had to some research on it. Apparently, acting in the opposite effect of cranberry juice this can help directly at onset of symptoms. Vitamin C makes your pee very acidic and kills off the bacteria and the alka-seltzer makes your pee really alkaline and also inhabitable for the bacteria. Good tip!! I'll have to try it next time 😉

    Thanks for reading and for your tips!!


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