Here to squelch a rumor…regarding breast cancer and fellatio

I was sent a couple of “news” articles that were supposedly posted on  Apparently, and a great effort was put into it, a few people decided to write some ‘research’ related to the decrease of breast cancer rates.  Whilst reading the article all of the facts seemed off to me, but I also read it after working overnight, and I couldn’t swear that the spelling of my own name was correct!

They stated that they researched over 15, 000 women and found that women who performed fellatio twice a week, and swallowed the semen, had a significant reduction in breast cancer.  They stated that the protein and enzymes in the semen somehow prevented breast cancer growth. How did I know that something was fishy, besides the fact that I couldn’t imagine anyone doing such a large study on something so silly?  One of the female MD’s called to give a quote about her idea on the topic was that she said she tries to fellate at least every other night o reduce her risk of breast cancer.  I can’t imagine that quote happening!!

So, to any others who have received this viral joke, kudos to the creators, but the topic is bunk!  I am sure that you fellows out there can use this to try an persuade your significant others, but hopefully they read my blog regarding oral sex and oral cancer!

So, don’t be fooled 🙂

Yours in Good Health!!

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5 thoughts on “Here to squelch a rumor…regarding breast cancer and fellatio

  1. Don't squash on my dreams… it is a groovy pick up line, I can see myself leaving your web address on her persons as soon as I climax

  2. I do it, and still am going in for a partial mastectomy and lymphectomy next Tuesday, so I have a few problems believing this one

  3. Unknown, in the blog I said that it was a false rumor. So there is nothing to believe- I was denouncing an article that was in the news. I hope everything goes well on Tuesday and wish you the best of health!

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    • Right, the rumor is not true. Swallowing cum will not prevent breast cancer, it was merely a rumor that people picked up! Thanks for reading

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