Squirters? Is that real??

I was recently asked one of those questions that I thought I for certain knew the answer to, but after doing some research found out I was quite off base, and totally misinformed.  I was asked, in one of those side conversations that someone asked me at a party when I was alone, about female ejaculation.  They asked if women squirting really meant they were ejaculating, just like a man.  My immediate answer was that no they don’t, it is really just pee….but I remembered hearing different theories on this topic, and who knew it has been one of the most highly debated sex topics regarding females? Not me!

What is it?
Literally, it is the gushing, or squirting of fluids from (and around) the urethra before, during, and after orgasm, once there is adequate stimulation of the G-spot. The amounts can vary greatly and some women have about a half a teaspoon (5ml) of fluid while others can have around a pint (500ml) of fluid expelled. In those terms, it sounds pretty gross.  But it is a fact of life for some women and not for others; just because you may “squirt” during orgasm, you are not weird, and just because you don’t that doesn’t make you weird either.

What’s the big debate?
The debate surrounds not that this can actually happen, but what actually comes out; is it something like what men ejaculate or is it just urine that comes out when an orgasm causes pressure on the bladder?  I was always under the impression that it was urine that came out, so I never really understood the obsession that some people have with female orgasm squirting.  Historically, it was understood that women could “ejaculate” just like men in the 16th century.  As science and history evolved, theories changed. The 1970’s and 1980’s proved tough for the female ejaculation theory and it was then that there were numerous publications stating that it was just urine and there was no such thing as female ejaculation.  So, it became quite a debate, to which many HCPs believed in the urine theory which lead to many women having unnecessary surgery to relieve their urinary incontinence.  So not only did these women have unnecessary surgery, but it didn’t even work!

The verdict?
Hundreds of thousands of women have now been studied, and the fluid that is actually released during the orgasm, is almost the exact composition (minus the sperm, or course) as male ejaculation!  It is not know why some women do ejaculate and some don’t; but it is most likely the same way that some men have more ejaculate than others, and just the way your body works.

So, whether you are a squirter or not, just have fun and if your partner wants you to squirt and you don’t…have a water bottle nearby and give them a nice big squirt to the face 😉

Yours in Good Health

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