If you exercise, you need a VITAband!

Sometimes when I am running early in the morning, when it is still dark out, I worry that something will happen to me and how would I be able to get my medical info and allergies out to the EMT’s that might find me?  Plus…It doesn’t help that my mother is constantly worried I will be “dead in a gutter” (most likely why I have the irrational fear of getting hurt during a standard morning run) but wouldn’t it be cool to have that info stored on you along with some other perks?  Enter: the VITAband, my new favorite athletic accessory!

What is it?
The VITAband is a lightweight plastic bracelet that you can wear while working out, and it can be used to electronically store your pertinent medical information (like allergies to bee stings, medications, foods, etc OR Chronic medical conditions like diabetes, heart conditions, etc).  Each VITAband has a specific VITAnumber that is  specific just to YOU.  You go online and register your information with your VITAnumber into your ERP (Emergency Response Profile) and list your medications, allergies, past medical history, and emergency contacts. Most emergency responders are taught to look for anything that might identify you are give such information (such as allergy or medical bracelets) and they can look up your number and find out the information that you have stored so that they might know what is causing your medical emergency,and how to contact your family/loved ones.  You can put as much or as little information as you want to into the ERP, it is all what you want to put into it!

What’s even better?
The VITAband can also be used as a credit card! WHAT??  I know you thought it couldn’t get any better, but you can upload a prepaid Visa debit card to your VITAband and you can use it anywhere there is Visa PayWave.  So, you never have to worry if you are on long runs/walks/bike rides if you need to get something to eat or drink, you always have a form of payment on you!

Are there any fees?

The bracelet itself costs $19.95 and there is an annual cost of $14.95 to store your information.  So you just pay a one time fee for the bracelet and then the annual fee, which I totally think is worth it right?  It gives you the sense of knowing that if something happens to you, your health information will be passed along.  Plus, if you are feeling a little parched on a longer than expected outing, you have the cash equivalent right there on your wrist!

I suggest that anyone that exercises for long times/distances alone get a VITAband, it is worth it, and as a medical professional, that information is unbelievably helpful for us to treat you, and can get your loved ones at your side ASAP.  VITAband: go out and get one!
Yours in Good Health

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