Hot tub sex: Something you might want to skip

I know that so many movies, TV shows, etc have scenes with people making out in pools, hot tubs, oceans, etc and innuendo is that they are leading to sex.  While that may look super romantic, really hot , whatever floats your boat, it can actually be pretty detrimental to both partners floating in that water….most often the ladies get the brunt of the issues, always the short end of the stick, ladies, but it makes us only that much stronger, right?  Why is it so bad?  And how to make it that much better for you 🙂

What’s the Deal?
To be clear, having sex in water isn’t bad, but what’s IN the water can be pretty creepy.  Hot tubs and pools people tend to think are pretty safe, and I always hear people say that they have chlorine in them and “chlorine kills everything”.  OK, so chlorine at the night level might kill a lot of stuff, but the levels of chlorine required to meet government standards doesn’t necessarily kill off all of the bacteria present.  Pools and hot tubs are full of different bacteria from peoples skin, babies (and adults too….) peeing in the pool, and you think you are the first person to get busy in that public pool/hot tub?  Sadly, no.  So all of that bacteria from all of these different sources is still hanging around in that water.  When you have sex, there is thrusting back and forth, allowing for skin tears to occur and openings in the skin to allow for bacteria to creep in.   Having sex in a hot tub, ocean, etc. can actually increase your risk of contracting an STI (sexually transmitted Infection), because the natural lubricant that bodies create, is whisked away in the water source.  so having all of this thrusting with no lubricant, can allow for larger tears.  Plus, this water source that may have bacteria present is pushed forcefully into the vagina, anus, penis etc.  And in the ocean/lakes/ponds, there are living microbes in the water, and they are getting pushed into you/your partner.  These factors increase the risk of a urinary tract infection (both for men AND women), bacterial vaginosis (for the ladies), and if there are any other STIs lurking in that water (from your partner or from others) because of the broken skin due to lack of lubrication, and the force of the water, there is a higher risk to contract the STI (for both).  Also,because of the lack of lubrication, men can get chaffing of the penis which can lead to a yeast infection (which, fellas, is not comfortable).  Plus, more people tend to skip using protection (i.e. condoms) when they have sex in water.  All in all, not a good idea.

Can I decrease my risk?
You can use condoms, and the best advice is to make sure that you are in a private pool or hot tub for those sorts of shenanigans to make sure that you are actually in a clean environment that you can control. You never know how much chlorine is in the public pool or hot tub, and I think that you private parts are worth a safe and clean environment, right??  So, I know the lure of the hot tub and some champagne, but get out before you get too loopy in a public arena and take it somewhere else that might be a little bit cleaner…then get a dirty as you want 😉

Yours in Good Health

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