What is effective in helping you lose and keep that weight off?

The hardest part of weight loss, is not actually losing the weight itself.  I know that sometimes people look at it as an uphill battle, but as long as you make lifestyle changes i.e. become determined to exercise so many days a week, or no longer eat fast food, cut out butter, etc. Whatever the lifestyle choice you make, it should be towards a healthier you, and that will help you lose weight.  The more changes you make and the more determined you are to eating healthy and working out, the more weight you will lose and your body will change (for the better).  You look great, feel great, and everyone tells you how amazing you look; the world is amazing!  Then the tough part, getting to your goal weight and staying there.  Everyone has that time where they look and feel great, so they think they can “cheat” here and there….and then the weight that was long gone, is now back, and you are totally bummed, mourning that slimmer, toned body from a few weeks/months ago.  But there are some ways to off-set that downward slope, and technology has made it easier and easier for those of us on the go!

How do we keep that weight off?

Well, first of all, you have to stick to those lifestyle changes that helped you lose weight. You can allow yourself “cheat” meals or days BUT you have to offset those days by being really strict with yourself the other days.  If you go back to your previous lifestyle, you will eventually go back to your previous weight; it’s as simple as that.  I do understand that it is still tough to sink into your old ways, so set new goals for yourself, not necessarily weight loss, but toning goals, improve your speed in walking/running/biking, or learn a new sport like boxing, golf tennis, etc.

For some people they feel like that is just too much to learn something new, or they cannot push themselves to keep up the momentum to work out, and the good news is that there are other options.  Some people have the means to pay for (and the time to go to) one on one nutritional counseling or personal training to meet their needs.  Some of us don’t; we barely have the time to fit in our workouts and healthy lifestyle choices.  For those that don’t have the time, there are electronic medias that can do the same thing! Research has shown that those who need help sticking to their healthy lifestyle choices and need that extra push to meet their goals, that one on one is the best form of check in and people have the highest percentage of keeping weight off, but it is closely followed by people who use online weight management systems. Mostly they work because, while you do have to be self-directed, it can be everywhere you are…on your smart phone! There is no excuse other than you….the push you need is right at your fingertips!

What are some of the trainers/nutritionist websites?

Some are free, some aren’t; what’s important is that the program suits your needs and will be something that you will stick with!

Nike Training Club– (an app for a smart phone)







It’s pretty cool that in our fast paced lives, we can still have that push and feel of a trainer and nutritionist while we are on the go!  Depending on the site, you can log you calories/meals, and log workouts, so that you can see how healthy your day is….sometimes it can be tough to tell and you think you have been eating well, but don;t realize all the calories you have taken in.  So this is a check for you, just like any other food diary, but it is quick to log (at you fingertips!) and will calculate your caloric intake! You can’t lose…unless you cheat yourself, and then there are no winners.

So, set your goals, you know what they should be, to be a healthier and better you, and use our electronic resources to assist you in meeting your goals in losing that weight, and keeping it off!

Yours in Good Health


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