To end the grounding debate: Pluggz vs. Juils

As some of you may recall, I posted a blog on grounding and Pluggz flip-flops.  These flip-flops jumped right into the market and are loved by yogis and non-yogis alike not only because the flips are supposed to let you “ground” but the company also gives back.  They donate to a bunch of non-profit organizations that are pro-earth and pro-health.  After my blog, I was sent a pair of Pluggz (thanks to one of my friends from Middle School, whose Aunt actually started the company, and I had no idea!) but I was also contacted by another company, Juil, with a similar, yet different type of grounding footwear. And they also sent me a pair of shoes to trial and see what I thought about them.  Juil also gives to charities like Souls4soles to help those in need and eradicate poverty.  So I decided to wear each pair of flip-flops for a month, and decide for myself which ones seemed to help me ground more, were more comfortable, and basically, which pair would I wear more. There was one pair that definitely made me feel more grounded, and now that my trial month of each one is over, will wear much more.

Whats the deal with Pluggz?

Well, Pluggz are these flip-flops that have a black plug that is made from a custom carbon and rubber compound that help to ensure electrical contact between the most weight-bearing part of your feet and the earth.  They supposedly conduct a free flow of electrons from the earth to our bodies and assisting with reducing that positive electron effect on our bodies.  People who wear Pluggz report feeling more balanced, a sense of well-being, more energized, some are calmer, and fewer aches and pains.

Whats the deal with Juil?

Juil has a bunch of different style shoes that are created based off of the idea of being barefoot, but more comfortable and with the ability to ground you.  They are created with this Energy Flow Technology (TM) that uses copper conductors in the soles of each pair of shoes to help restore the bodies natural balance of energy by channeling energies from the earth.  These shoes (in various forms from clogs to flip-flops to sandals) were created to enhance well-being and promote wellness.

The Pros/Cons:

I love the idea of having a pair of shoes that make you feel better, just by wearing them. Doesn’t that just sound fab?


Pros: $39 for a pair, great color selection, sizes are true but they run a bit wide, broke in easily, comfortable, great when wet or dry (for all flip-flop appropriate temperature weather) and I really felt great wearing them.

Cons: very thin (which I guess was created for grounding), the core was a little uncomfortable at the beginning but I eventually got used to it, I sometimes tripped on them (I have no idea why).


Pros: very comfortable from the first wear, a varied array of colors and styles to choose from, sizes were true to fit, very durable leather, they felt great….and I got a ton of compliments.

Cons: Price ranges from $125-165, they were gross feeling when wet (just like wearing wet leather on your feet), they broke in quickly (as in they looked worn pretty fast).

And the Winner is:

I really did enjoy the Pluggz, very down to earth, comfortable, and could really wear them just kicking around and it didn’t matter if they got wet or dirty, because they washed right off. But, once I tried on the pair of Juils, the answer was clear: the Juil shoes, despite a hefty price tag, were well worth the cost because I felt grounded, they looked great, and I could dress them up or down.

I really thought that I would end up saying that both shoes were not any different from any other pair of flip-flops I own, but I must say, I did feel something different, and I did feel grounded. I do wear my Juil shoes to yoga and it might be the yoga, it might be the shoes, but I feel like I’m in another world both on the way there and the way home!

Try whichever suits your wallet and your lifestyle, and there may be no science behind the shoes, but you will feel a difference! I can’t wait to get another pair of Juils….perhaps the clogs for work!

Yours in Good Health


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9 thoughts on “To end the grounding debate: Pluggz vs. Juils

  1. …now if there were only a way to measure if they actually did any good for you…And…I do believe YOU probably could dig up some friends in the industry (science) who could test each product for their validity as oppose to their hype. You know like break down each product to see if what they say they have is actually there and if that ” ” is actually a viable solution to grounding…:)

    • Thanks for the read! So there is some science but this is an area that is hard to validate, the science does show that it changes negative to positive ions, but how it “works” on everyone is very different. You need to be open to it, just like meditation, or any other holistic therapy! But, I opened up for it, and I truly believe that they help you ground- you can feel the difference!

    • Hi there, if you’re lying down or in the lotus position just iamnige the light going from your base chakra directly downwards, this is ok to do too, i do this if lying down or you can visualise it from the soles of your feet just direct the light energy downwards as if you were standing on the ground, either way you are still connecting to the earth. much love to you. <3

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for this review. I have been searching for grounding shoes since my ND told me about them. But, what concerns me is that she also told me that rubber stops conductivity. Both brands have rubber soles so I don’t understand. There are other “grounding” shoes that have leather soles but they are not as nice and harder to wear. I would appreciate any insight you could provide. Thank You!

    Jenna 🙂

    • Jenna,
      The rubber does usually stop it, but in the Juils, there is no rubber around the conductive metal- so your body has direct contact with the grounding sole, to the earth. They are really amazing. I the rubber helps to absorb any shocks on your joints when walking around. I highly suggest you give them a try! And thank you for reading! Bridgid

  3. In the non flip flop types, are you supposed to have no socks on?

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