Distracted Driving: Is it Really Worth the Risks?

Distracted Driving is something that occurs with more and more frequency these days, maybe due to our addiction to smart phones (which ironically seem to make us dumber, I cannot remember anyone’s phone numbers and I google things all the time to double-check myself instead of just knowing the answer), or it could be that we lead busier lives so we are trying to multitask at all times, and when’s a better time to get out those emails and catch up on phone calls than when you’re on the road? As it turns out, there are MUCH better times to catch up on those calls (unless you are using a voice operated and hands free device) and to send out those final work emails.

20140604-131711-47831262.jpgWhy should I Decide to Drive and Ditch the Distractions?

I think there are a million reasons why we should all ditch the distractions and decide to drive, but I think some of the statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration speak for themselves: in 2012 there were 3,328 fatalities and 421,000 injuries all related to distracted driving. That’s almost a half of a MILLION injuries in ONE year that were totally preventable by simply putting down your cell phone and paying attention to the road when you drive. I understand the urge to grab your phone when it alerts as I have stopped myself many times going to reach out and grab my phone to check a text while I’m driving; It’s not worth the risk of my own life or the others on the road near me, and that’s what I remind myself before I reach for my phone. And seriously, would you want to be in a fatal car crash because you couldn’t resist the urge to text “LOL”?

store frontI am sure that you have heard stories, or have seen videos of people doing silly things while driving, and it sometimes is funny, but on the other side, think of the innocent people driving besides them that could be affected by their distracted driving? It could be you, your family member, friends, other loved ones, and that is just not OK.  It’s also not OK according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and Auto Alliance: Orthopaedic surgeons are the people who put your broken bones back together after car accidents and other trauma, and along with the Automakers, they have created a “Decide to Drive” campaign to encourage people to actually pay attention while driving.

Also, there is a “Decide to Drive” Campaign Catch Phrase Contest from May 28-June 13, and you can win big $ and have the featured catch phrase for the entire campaign how cool is that?! Join me in promoting health and wellness!

Remember, cars have tons of really cool safety features to prevent accidents and to prevent injuries if accidents occur, but the most advanced safety feature of any vehicle is the driver: eyes on the road and hands on the wheel will help to save lives.

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