An Ease for Morning Sickness?

Morning sickness, which is kind of a misnomer as it can happen at any point during the day and may come and go sporadically, is very common during the first couple of months of pregnancy. Some people are able to dig deep and get through it because their symptoms are quite mild, whereas other people can have very severe nausea associated with their pregnancies.  For those with milder to moderate symptoms, a group of HCPs (Healthcare Practitioners) created Preggie Pops and Preggie Drops to help alleviate the symptoms of morning sickness.

PreggiepopsWhat are they made of?

These HCPs created the Preggie Pops using some alternative therapies based upon some accepted alternative therapies and some old wives tales. For example, they are made with a sour flavored base, as this has been handed down by generations of childbirth educators as a treatment for a sour stomach and to squelch a nauseous stomach. As well, they are made with mint and lavender which are aromatic and thought to promote relaxation (lavender) and aid in digestion (mint) along with ginger, which has long been known as a treatment for nausea, to help settle an irritated stomach lining. They are made with sugar, and sometimes nausea can start to occur in pregnancy when the blood sugar starts to get low, almost like a signal that you need to be eating some more because your body (and the baby) need nourishment, and because you are sucking on these pops/drops slowly, you are getting small amounts of sugar, instead of eating large quantities at one time, which totally makes sense!

Do they Work and are they Safe?

They have many testimonials stating that people have used them not only for morning sickness but also for nausea associated with surgery and other illnesses. But, they are a homeopathic treatment that is not FDA approved; they do not contain any drugs, but they are using homeopathic treatments that are untested. On their website they state that they are safe because they are all natural….there are many things that are all natural but they are not safe for your unborn child, or for you. So I urge people to take heed and caution, check with your HCP before using this product or any other for morning sickness/nausea associated with pregnancy, just to really make sure it is safe and you are under the care of an HCP, in case there are any side effects.

At the risk of your health, and your unborn child’s health, it is best to consult with an HCP before taking any sort of supplementation while pregnant.

Yours in Good Health