Use suspension to create a tighter core

There always tend to be these new trends in working out that are always touted as the “best” workouts, and will strengthen your core in a new and better way with less effort. Well, if it seems to good to be true, it usually is.  And that goes for workout trends as well; if you want a tight, strong body, you have to put the effort into it and lots of hard work, diet, and be dedicated to your health. I am a huge believer in mixing up workouts; I obviously am an avid runner, and work with free weights, but I also mix in hot power yoga, biking, boxing, and suspension training, whenever possible. By far, suspension training is one of my favorite quick workouts to add in after a run, which can be really hard, but so much fun, different, and makes me feel so tight.

What is Suspension Training/TRX? 

Basically, suspension training is a series of exercises done using your bodyweight along with a rope and pulley system to perform compound exercises that develop strength, flexibility, balance, and joint stability.  The exercises can be adjusted to make them more difficult or easier based on your level of fitness and comfort, which really makes it a great addition to a workout.  These types of workouts have been used by the Military for ages and it is a workout heavily utilized by many personal trainers, because you are gaining strength and muscle, by working your core muscles and various other targeted areas all at the same time; your core is always activated making it a very challenging yet rewarding workout.

Are there Pros and Cons?

Some HCPs and other sports scientists, warn those that are out of shape, or those with a poor baseline of fitness, should steer away from suspension training at first as it is a higher level of fitness, and if you do not have the strength in your core muscles you can actually do some damage to your muscles or overwork them.  I go back and forth on this: if you are new to working out, I wouldn’t suggest buying a home TRX suspension training kit and watch the DVD then rock out on your own at home, as I do think that you should be with someone who can help you with body form, adjusting the system to properly work with your body, and assist you if you have poor technique, so as to prevent injury.  If you are new to working out, go to a TRX session at your gym, or meet with a personal trainer to assist you; once you learn how to use the system and you know how you should feel and the steps to take to get stronger and be safe, you can totally do the training all by yourself.  I think that is one of the greatest pros of the system, they are small, can be packed and brought anywhere, to be used over any door- totally portable and can go with you on trips! I also love the fact that the system can be adjusted to various levels of fitness, so even people who are at different levels of fitness can work out together and merely readjust straps.

I really am a big proponent of the TRX suspension workout system; I love the results, I can do long or short workouts, target specific muscle groups along with my, and its portable so I can bring it everywhere. If you have the opportunity to try it, I suggest that you give it a roll and I would love to hear your feedback!

Yours in Good Health

Nurse Bridgid